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For full market support, guidance, and coordination, we will plan five important steps.

  • Initial Analysis and Consultation

    The first step involves meetings with clients to understand their needs, objectives, and challenges.

  • Strategy Development

    Based on the insights gathered, we are developing a tailored strategy that incorporates integrity, efficiency, and innovation. The strategy will focus on how to enter the market, scale the business, and achieve sustainable success while leaving a positive impact.

  • Implementation and Support

    Assisting clients with the execution of the strategy. This stage involves helping with legal processes, setting up operations, marketing, and building local partnerships

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    Regularly reviewing the outcomes of the implemented strategies to measure success against predefined objectives. This step ensures that the business is on track to achieving its goals and allows for adjustments to be made as necessary.

  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement

    Encouraging open feedback from clients to understand their satisfaction and areas for improvement. This process fosters innovation and helps in refining services and strategies for future projects.

Turning values into action

Chairperson at RDBC (Romanian Dubai Business Council)

Regional Leader at EWA (European Women’s Association)

Co-Founder at APEB RO-UAE (Association for the Promotion of Bilateral Economic Relations between Romania and UAE)

VP UAE - Romanian Business Council

A Creative Endeavor

Partnerships, not just Transactions

I believe in the power of partnerships that transcend transactions. The 6.0 Revolution is not just a concept; it's a commitment to changing perspectives and designing multi stakeholder business models aligned with SDGs.

Empowering through Creativity

In the realm of business, creativity transcends mere innovation and profit. It's about harmonizing our deepest aspirations with the value we generate, ensuring that every interaction is not merely a transaction, but a genuine expression of our ambitions.

Leadership and Advocacy

I am deeply committed to fostering a culture of activist leadership and advocacy. I believe that these pillars are essential for cultivating a united voice, one that stands resiliently in support of true evolution.

ISO certification are valid World Wide.

Management systems for medical devices

ISO 13485

Energy Management System

ISO 50001

The integrity of your internal processes

ISO 37001

Environmental Management

SR EN ISO 14001:2015

The facility management system

ISO 41001:2018

The Quality Management System (QMS) certification

ISO 9001:2015

Environmental management

SR EN ISO 14001:2015

Health and safety management

ISO 45001

Food Safety Management

ISO 22000

Information Security Management

ISO 27001

Let’s Shape the Future Together

Join me on this journey where professional expertise meets personal values. Together, let’s make a difference. Explore the possibilities, connect with a network of like-minded individuals, and access expert advice to thrive in today’s business landscape.