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Projects and Partnerships

True partnerships are built on trust, mutual respect, and a common vision. 

I want to create an authentic world where partnerships do not intimidate but rather strengthen. Integrity is a value I greatly appreciate and to which I add with every step and with every partner, new pieces to consolidate it. I enjoy creating and, above all, empowering people to develop their businesses in a safe and prosperous world. 

Alongside my team of experts, we have established enduring and tightly knit partnerships that have not only withstood the test of time but have also created a dual mission, that of supporting each other in evolution. 


Dubai Chambers

When I started forming a partnership with Dubai Chambers, I focused on solutions and implementing ideas that would bring productivity and evolution. Alongside them and my team of experts, we managed to lay the groundwork for a government organization responsible for promoting and facilitating trade and investments in Dubai. 

Dubai Chambers of Commerce provides services and resources for local and international businesses, including assistance in business establishment, networking, market information, and business development programs. Additionally, I was honored to participate in events and conferences that promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas among professionals from various industries and economic sectors. 


Dubai Chambers – One of Dubai Chambers’ main objectives are to keep Chamber members and the business community updated with the latest economic development and regulations, business opportunities, facilities and relevant business contacts through well documented materials. (Dubai Chambers)

Priorities Dubai Chambers:

  • Improve Dubai favorable business environment
  • Attract international business and investment into Dubai
  • Drive international expansion of Dubai Chambers’ members
  • Grow Dubai digital economy
  • Increase effectiveness of advocacy
  • Sustain institutional and customer excellence

European Women Association

As the leader of EWA – European Women Association, I have had the honor of focusing on identifying solutions and implementing ideas that support and promote the role of women in society and in the business environment. I support and advocate for the rights and potential of women in Europe, and this initiative has helped me discover a world of unique women eager to invest in their potential.  

By participating in events, conferences, and projects, I have had the privilege of contributing to EWA’s efforts to create a conducive environment where women can develop and promote their businesses. As a leader of EWA, I am committed to continuing to support and encourage their initiatives and projects, thus contributing to the growth and prosperity of the business community in Europe. 


“The reason why EWA functions so well is that it was conceived as an ecosystem for mature businesswomen, providing them with access to support from government institutions, corporations, entrepreneurs from other parts of the world, investors, and mentors. I became an active member because I realized that it offers many tools necessary for development, through numerous business delegations and events worldwide. 

From Davos, Abu Dhabi, Bucharest, to New York, numerous business opportunities and lasting relationships are created. Assuming the new role has brought even more responsibility after actively advocating for the network’s expansion, both strategically and in terms of promotion.” – declares Mihaela Tudor – appointed Vice President of EWA. 


Romanian Business Council

I am driven by a fervent commitment to constant growth, prioritizing the cultivation of added value over personal gain, and endeavoring to foster an environment that inspires those around me. 

As President of the Romanian Business Council, I have the privilege of cultivating connections with fellow Romanians and guiding them as they navigate the increasingly intricate and innovative landscape of the business world. 

Serving Romania in my capacity as ROBCD (Romania Dubai Business Council), a semi-governmental entity of the UAE, is a profound honor. Together, as we embark on this journey of expansion, innovation, and collective growth, we are not merely shaping future ecosystems—we are actively constructing them.


On an anniversary event, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Khalifa bin Hamdan Al Nahyan conveyed a special message: 

I feel deeply connected to the mission and values promoted by the Romanian Business Council in the UAE. In this interconnected world, strengthening economic ties between the United Arab Emirates and Romania is not only desired but essential for the mutual prosperity of both countries. The business environments in the United Arab Emirates and Romania offer unique opportunities with significant mutual benefits. To effectively capitalize on these opportunities, a framework of trust and transparency is necessary. This is where the Romanian Business Council in the UAE comes in, building the necessary bridge that facilitates the transition from simple commercial transactions to strong and enduring partnerships. In conclusion, I express my hope that this conference will inaugurate a new chapter in strengthening the ties between the United Arab Emirates and Romania.

Let’s Shape the Future Together

Join me on this journey where professional expertise meets personal values. Together, let’s make a difference. Explore the possibilities, connect with a network of like-minded individuals, and access expert advice to thrive in today’s business landscape.